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From: IL, United States  CHICAGO
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

NaShaun Chambers’ journey began on July 26, 1976..but the MC now known as JsunBorne came to be later in life. The events between those two points are what makes up his hip-hop adventure.
Born and raised in Chicago, IL NaShaun was a hardcore b-boy in high school, deep into break dancing and graffiti art. Then one day he heard Eric B & Rakim, and his full attention turned to the art of the MC. This was the beginning of his burning desire to tell his story in the same format. In 1989 (under the name Kraze) he and high school friends D & DJ K2 formed the group DarcSyde (later Royal Flush from West Haven, CT would join the group). The DarcSyde was deeply influenced by the east coast battle rap scene. They gained local success with Tales from The DarcSyde, Total Disaster and Don‘t Go To War With‘Em. Even though they created a good deal of buzz and were close to a deal in ‘93, some trouble amongst the crew halted that progress and eventually; in 1995, the group disbanded. In the mean time NaShaun moved on with his life and became a barber and a father, but in 2000 he went solo under the moniker Ikaflo and began to pursue his dream once again. Unfortunately trouble returned to the picture and NaShaun; exhausted from what seemed to be the constant battle of life, was ready to give his dream up once and for all. However, as he watched MC’s like Jadakiss, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah begin to shine in the mainstream spotlight he found it hard to resist that inner desire. The MC in him just would not lay down, and that led to the birth of JsunBorne in 2005. By 2007 the mixtape Who Is JsunBorne was in the hands and ears of the public and he was performing all over Chicago. He is currently in talks with a major label and looking forward to the release of Language of the Prime in late 2013, propelled by the current hard hitting single All That Counts (Thor‘s Hammer).

Jsun borne from chicago.  started his hiphop  journey in Bolingbrook, il. with a group called "Darcsyde". He says "I was a hardcore B-Boy break dancing/grafitti artist until i heard Eric&Rakim which changed my life and inspired me to rap. Other groups like EPMD, Gangstarr, Nas, P.E, and ect push me to become as they were. We wrecked talent shows Battled on streets and open mics until the group dismantled in 95. I gave it up for as long as i could until i met BCarter which we formed the Che Sah Gang inspired by the Wu-Tang which we now are Heavy Armoured Muzik now that im solo. We are currently working on Album project titled Langague Of The Prime which will be out late 2013. The Borne Supremacy Ep is close to being complete which now All that Counts has been released followed by This is Fire so Be looking for classic Emceeing..Peace!!!! im here.."

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