Friday, February 15, 2013

1st Solar Powered Mobile Recording Studio

Power Of Green L.A. youth Group  Green Panthers & are working today to complete the first Solar Powered Mobile Recording Studio Van in Los Angeles.  All of the members are from Crenshaw, Inglewood and Compton respectively and the van was donated by a friend in Leimert Park.  The studio equipment was donated by friends in Inglewood and the Solar Power & Solar stage was donated by Power Of Green L.A., which originally was founded in Crenshaw, Los Angeles.  It further promotes their message of POWER 2 THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE! demonstrating how people can empower themselves no matter where they live or income bracket they are in. This is the 18th Solar Powered mobile studio that Power Of Green L.A. has built over the last 5 years.  It will be used to:

Deliver free recording and audio/visual education in the community
Deliver free Green Energy education
Deliver free mobile "mini" events
Fundraise for other U.S. urban communities to do their own vans
Double as an Emergency Response vehicle operating as a Electrical Power Point and response team

LOOK OUT FOR THE GREEN PANTHER VAN in your neighborhood!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is a Global WarNing Hip Hop Clean Energy Movement

This is a Global WarNing  A video by our partners & twitter  @earthamplified  2013 is a big year for all of us in the Hip Hop clean Energy movement   We are making #blackhistory and also helping our country to flourish in ways that fill the needs of all people! We can end poverty!  We can work together!